“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” —Oscar Wilde.

This morning I woke up in jail because last night I totaled my car. I meditated for the first time in a few months when I woke up, sitting on my cot in the cell, at about 5:30 am. I was the only one awake.

A guard walked by and asked if I was alright. I didn’t even open my eyes I just said, “I’m meditating.”

Going into it, as is the case a lot of times, my imagination was on fire. Then, as it started to subside, I heard it start to rain outside. It was cool and just a little humid. Although I favored my mantra and went “inward” and came “outward,” I was aware of other people snoring and coughing and farting.

My first time in jail and after what I guess was about twenty minutes, I thought, wow, this is so beautiful. Amazing and beautiful.

Jail was beautiful? The world was protected from me? Or I was protected from the world? I was protected fro myself? Whatever, I was safe. I was alive. My life had changed, as it has before in every bad situation, forever for the better.

The first thing my attorney said when he got there was that I should start going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Like I said, I have to agree with Mr. Wilde, as this is how most people operate, more themselves when anonymous.

But I know exactly who I am. What we see is what we get!


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