Putting Transcendental Meditation to the Test

Three years ago on June 6th I learned the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. Three of the most memorable experiences of my life transpired in that three year period.

After six months of meditating every day twice a day, nature was starting to take hold. Processed and greasy foods started to taste bad. I stopped smoking and drinking alcohol. I gave up coffee. I started cleaning regularly. Most importantly, my doctor had to drastically reduce my medication as it was suddenly twice as strong as it had been six months prior.

Then, the “memorable” experiences began. These experiences were described by friends and relatives as my living nightmares. But I see them as blessings in disguise.

First, a friend reappeared after 13 years. He took advantage of my newly lightened heart. He said he was in need of help. Little did I know he was a sociopath.

This “friend” convinced me to break my lease and get a larger place for both of us to live. He controlled my eating, my sleeping, and convinced me to stop meditating. The he started threatening my life. He convinced me to open five credit cards. But one day he just disappeared. And so did $8,000 worth of material items he had purchased in my name.

Then memorable event number two came about a few months after moving into my friend’s spare room. I tested false positive for HIV.

Oddly, I was already such a mess on so many levels, I literally forgot about TM entirely. I was chain smoking, drinking coffee by day and beer at night, all my meds were increased again, and I stopped sleeping and eating. After three weeks of follow up testing, I was confirmed to be HIV negative.

I got my act together, got an amazing apartment, but found myself in settling into a dark living room for a year, harming myself with alcohol and cigarettes. I was isolating myself, I felt afraid of myself and everyone.

Slowly, year number two of my lease, just six months ago, I started meditating again. The effect was immediate and powerful. Like I picked right up where I left off.

But fast forward to a month ago. The weather was getting nice, I was getting slightly manic and a little too social and carefree. I stopped meditating for a mere two weeks and boom . . . Memorable event number three.

Exactly one month ago today I totaled my car. No one else was involved. Just me and a concrete median that appeared out of nowhere after taking a 90 degree turn too quickly. The airbag went off, I knocked over a brick wall and totaled a parked car. I was sent home.

The next morning I woke up and sat on the side of the bed and meditated for 20 minutes, for the first time in 2 weeks. For 30 days now I have missed a meditation. I’ve stopped all self-abusive behavior.

That morning, after meditating, I felt more normal than I have in years. (Maybe ever, if that’s possible.) I got up and took a shower. I walked to the grocery store, I cleaned the house, I bought a bus pass. I have had not a single inconvenience and not even a reason to be upset.

My insurance paid off the car in full. I now see that I don’t miss having a car nor do I actually need one. Not having a car is environmentally friendly, I no longer have a $300/month car payment, and my insurance rates actually went down since I don’t own a car.

Transcendental Mediation did not prevent life from happening, but it has prevented my interpretation of life as a curse. All of these memorable events were blessings. I have learned a lot from each experience and most importantly I have learned the difference between life with TM and without.